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What We Offer

At The Student Co, we believe that tutoring is more than just helping students receive a passing grade on a test; it’s a way to motivate and prepare students to achieve their academic and professional goals in a competitive world. We will work with you to personalize a unique curriculum that will match your learning habits and help you reach your academic goals. We cover a wide selection of subjects and courses for students (ages 7-16) to choose from.  

Tailored Specifically for You!

In each of my sessions, there is a specific goal that I want to achieve with the student. The first session is the assessment where I go over each student’s specific goals for our time together. From the second meeting on, we begin each class with a review of the homework and review the material learned in the previous class. Each session introduces learning strategies and study skills students can apply to other subjects.

My lessons are tailored to every student’s needs. Each lesson concludes with a closing exercise, a short discussion about what we accomplished, and some homework for next time!

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